Ex wife regrets divorce

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There is a tiny chapel perched in the meadow above Judge's Bay, in Parnell. White and wooden, it's the perfect setting for a romantic summer wedding. A minute drive from there, crouching low over the wind-tunnel of Albert St, is the Auckland District Court. Above the entrance, a large patch of mould is creeping down the facade to meet the New Zealand Coat of Arms. Of the 10, or so couples who marry in New Zealand yearly, roughly a third will eventually end up filing the papers here, on level 6, to dissolve their marriage. Divorce has never been easier and, for marriages where abuse or genuine incompatibility is at play, shooting the horse can be the best option.
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I heard from my aunt, who was close to my ex and I that she was depressed and really regretted allowing the divorce to happen. My aunt told me that she was. "When my wife and I finalized out divorce, I also lost my job, and so even "I feel like it was probably hurtful to my ex to 'monkey-bar' from our.
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